Ultrasonic Based Lift Station

Model LS-U2001 Specifications

  • Standard Diplex Pump Control With Alternation
  • Designed for analog-ultrasonic or submersible transducer
  • Easy Inter Face To Existing Pump Control Panels
  • Built In Pump Start Time Delays To Avoid Short Cycling
  • Extensive Failure Alarm Analysis
  • Dry Contract Output For Starter Fail Alarm
  • High Level Alarm allows for override pump down
  • Station Will Still Pump Down With Analog level failure
  • 2 Amp, 240VAC Relay Capacity
  • LED Indicators For System Operations
  • Identification Of Float Activity
  • Easily Removable Terminal Strip
  • Designed for Operational Module OM-T2001

The above is a test installation that has since been successfully completed and fully functional for almost a year. This Ultrasonic device with 4-20 ma output is directly interfaced to U-Tap Control Panel LS-U2000. A high level float was also installed that immediately pumps down for an operator selected time while the station alarms out should an electronic failure occur. This is an excellent application for still water or level monitoring. For turbulent or foamy applications we recommend our float LS-F2001 or Submersible Transducer LS-T2001 Control Panels.