Float Based Lift Station

Model LS-F2001 Specifications

  • Standard Diplex Pump Control With Alternation
  • Easy Interface To Existing Pump Control Panels
  • Built In Pump Start Time Delays To Avoid Short Cycling
  • Extensive Float Failure Alarm Analysis
  • Dry Contract Output For Starter Fail Alarm
  • High Level Alarm and Float Fail Alarm
  • Station Will Still Pump Down With Float Failures
  • 2 Amp, 240VAC Relay Capacity
  • LED Indicators For System Operations
  • Identification Of Float Activity
  • Easily Removable Terminal Strip
  • Designed for Operational Module OM-F2001

Model OM-F2001 Specifications

  • Enhances Capability Of Duplex Controller LS-F2000
  • Enhances Capability of Quadplex Controller WS-2001
  • Accumulating Run Time Meters for Both Pumps
  • Accumulating Cycle Time Meters for Both Pumps
  • Visible Float Activity Indication
  • Full Hand-Off-Auto Operator Selection
  • Visible Pumping Status For Both Pumps
  • Visible Float Failure Indication
  • Visible High Level Alarm Indication
  • Visible Starter Fail Indication
  • Operator Resettable Run and Cycle Timers
  • Bright Back Light For Visibility
  • Powered By LS-F2001, No Separate Power Supply Required