Float Based Lift Station Engineering Specs

U-Tap LS-F2001 Engineering Specifications

Single/Three Phase Duplex Control Panel Float Based for Wastewater Lift Stations

  1. Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals required to provide a duplex motor control panel as specified herein.
  2. The control panel shall be an all inclusive, self contained unit capable of the automatic control of varied size motor/pump starters via relay “switch legs” contacts,
  3. Incoming control/alarm power shall be single-phase, 60 Hz, 120 volts AC to be served by a 15 amp branch circuit..
  4. Panel shall operate with four N.O.( Normally Open) float switches for the application of Off, Lead, Lag, High Level..


  1. The controls shall be housed in a NEMA 4X Fiberglass enclosure with a hinged door and gasket. The enclosure shall have provisions for a padlock.


  1. Standard Duplex Pump Control With Alternation/Lockable to Pump 1 or 2 as lead.
  2. Built In Pump Start Time Delays To Avoid Short Cycling due to float agitation.
  3. Extensive Float Failure Alarm Analysis to include digital indication of float activity.
  4. Dry Contact Output For Starter Coils.(Switch Leg). 120/208/240 Volt 1 phase.
  5. High Level Alarm, Float Fail Alarm and Starter Fail Alarm dry contact outputs.
  6. Control shall not loose operation capability due to out of sequence or failed floats.
  7. LED Indicators For System Operations and Identification Of Float Activity.
  8. Easily Removable Module with removable Terminal Strips for field service.
  9. Unit module shall be self contained and plug compatible with other owned U-Tap LS-F2000 series control panels. No laptop or interface software shall be required.
  10. The control panel shall be a LS-F2001 panel as manufactured by U-Tap Controls or approved equal.


  1. The LS-F2000 Duplex Controller shall include an operator interface with digital readout for operator access to run time, cycle time, and other settings and alarms.
  2. Display shall include an accumulating Run Time Meters For Both Pumps
  3. Display shall include an accumulating Cycle Time Meters For Both Pumps
  4. Visible Float Activity Indication shall be indicated on LCD screen.
  5. Full Hand-Off-Auto Operator Selection shall be available to operator for both pumps.
  6. Visible Pumping Status For Both Pumps/Pump On indication.
  7. Visible Float Failure Alarm Indication
  8. Visible High Level Alarm Indication
  9. Visible Starter Fail Alarm Indication
  10. Operator Resettable Run Timer and Cycle Counter
  11. Bright Back Light Display For Visibility
  12. Powered By LS-F2000, No Separate Power Supply Required
  13. The control panel shall be a LS-F2001 panel as manufactured by U-Tap Controls or approved equal.