MAX712 Battery Charger Board

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As you can see from the above schematic, this board was designed for multiple uses. Primarily for the Max712 battery charger IC, provisions are made to make all the jumper changes as outlined in the Max712 spec sheet. You can also skip the Max712 and install the regulators and capacitors an have a nice little power supply. Solder all the VSel1 jumpers together and now you have available on the 6SIL header PS 24V,12V,9V,5V,3.3V DC. Or just attach your fully charged battery and you now have a DC power supply UPS system Main input 24VDC is lost, the remaining power feeds keep right on operating. We have extra bare PCB boards available so if you would like a couple to experiment with just contact us. Full instructions are shipped with each board. The reason we chose the Max712 is because this chip will supply charging current as well as load current at the same time. Power interruption occurs, charging ceases but load continues to operate off battery.