Buy A Panel And Recieve A Free Control Module


For The First Time: We are temporarily offering our brand new industrial lift station controllers for field trials(new customers)at rock bottom prices. Inspired/Engineered/Designed/Fabricated/Built in the USA
These are NOT used, discontinued or obsolete modules. These are fully supported and will be for years to come. Originally designed and built in 2000 with many years of proven field installations.

This LS-F2001 is our field proven, float based controller module for the typical waste water lift station found throughout this country. The unit is a complete control package module ready for straight forward installation in your existing or new facility. Your field electrician can easily interface these to your existing starter coils or H.O.A. switches. These units have built in alternation for two pumps with run time meters(minutes) as well as number of cycle counts.

That way the operator can determine number of minutes per pump cycle when everything is working ok. Should a pump run but fail to actually pump, the run time per cycle will read extended for that pump and and the operator can take necessary corrective action.

What makes these modules unique is all your floats(off,lead,lag) can fail or hang up or get out of sequence and your pumps will still pump down off the high level float while giving you an alarm out.

No short cycling of your pumps due to erratic or turbulent float activity with our control panel. We designed that problem out! We figured your pumps deserved a break. We have incorporated a virtual off float acting as a maximum pump down time selected by the operator. This saves your pumps from running dry and destroying seals or worse,burning up pumps.

The backlit digital display alerts the operator to any alarms as well as easy access to virtual H.O.A switches. The operator can lock out one pump for maintenance through the keypad and alternation will stop, allowing the remaining pump to always operate as lead. Our panel interface has 4(four) buttons. No 500 page fine print operator manuals and extensive, frustrating menus to step through on these modules. Station operators who have these units installed for years absolutely love their simplicity,reliability and ease of use. References gladly given upon request.

Standardize these modules in your station, keep a spare and you now have a 100% replacement modules for your lift station controls. Plug these units in like an intelligent relay. You have just given yourself the equivalent of a brand new control panel without any of the associated headaches. Built by a experienced electrical engineer with years of field troubleshooting experience.

No more troubleshooting complicated controls at 3 AM during a driving rain or snow storm. I know, I've been there. I am the engineer that designed these modules after years of field experience..
We can fabricate an entire control panel surrounding this module which incorporates interface relays, terminal strips and extensive surge protection as shown in our power point presentation.

We also have other modules available. This is our product lineup:
Float(Off,Lead,Lag) based lift station Controller LS-F2001 Alternates up to 2 pumps
Submersible transducer based lift station Controller LS-T2001 Alternates up to 2 pumps
Ultrasonic transducer based lift station Controller LS-U2001 Alternates up to 2 pumps
Ultrasonic ground storage water station Controller WS-G2001 Alternates up to 4 pumps
Pressure Transducer elevated water station Controller WS-E2001 Alternates up to 4 pumps
Hydro-Pneumatic Water Station Controller WS-H2001 Alternates up to 4 pumps

Please be aware your water station operators can select from 1 to 4 pumps as necessary at the installation site. The controller will automatically alternate the number of pumps selected. Just tie in the relay contact as a switch leg to your starter coil.

We encourage municipal owned water/wastewater facility operators to take a serious look at our product line. Engage your operators/technicians to review what these products offer. Issue a PO from your facility and we will send you a module for trial installation for 60 days. If it doesn't do what we say, send it back-no obligation. You want 90 days?, Ask, we are easy to get along with, really!!

If you like it but want it mounted in an enclosure with interface relays,surge protection etc, ready for mounting on the wall, we'll ship it UPS direct to your facility. This entire control panel can be plugged into a standard wall or GFCI outlet and YES! can be transported to other locations for temporary installation in an emergency.

See our Power Point Presentation for info on our panelized module.

A $4000.00 Retail Value for This Module Set

The entire control panel logic is located in this display and control module. They plug in like a relay. 100% operational in minutes when you need it.

The terminal strip in the above picture is removable. Just unplug it after loosening two screws. No control wire disconnect mishaps or late night troubleshooting. That is why we call it "Plug N Pump"